British Airways- Business Life

Post by  Adam Fisher Dec 06, 2016

"Oneadaptr's brilliant Twist range means with one device you can plug your computer into the available mains socket  and also get four USB live ports thrown in." Appearing in British Airways Business Life, the world’s only business-dedicated in flight magazine for the December 2016/ January 2017 issue! ...

Review- People Magazine

Post by  Lauren Martin Nov 28, 2016

"This compact adapter can be used in more than 150 countries and charges multiple devices simultaneously. It's great for guys who travel a lot." Appearing in the Home & Travel sector of people magazine is our Twist K4 adapter! Ryan Seacrest created top gift ideas...

Review- Entrepreneurs

Post by  Lauren Martin Nov 28, 2016

"Entrepreneurs hopping country to country have enough to worry about -- and figuring out where they are going to get their next charge shouldn’t be one of them. Fortunately, Oneadaptr provides the perfect solution." Entrepreneurs Philippines have listed our T4 model in the 11 awesome travel...

Review- CityJet

Post by  Lauren Martin Sep 01, 2016

"OneAdaptr’s Twist+ World Charging Station is a one-stop solution to those pesky problems, housed in a single, compact design." City Jet have reviewed our T4 model in the gadget section of their in-flight magazine. Keep your eyes peeled if you're travelling with them through September and have...

Review- FlyBe

Post by  Lauren Martin Sep 01, 2016

"Traditionally, multi-region adapters have been bulky, fitting just one plug, but OneAdaptr’s Twist+ World Charging Station is a one-stop solution to those pesky problems." If you're travelling this September keep an eye out for FlyBe's in-flight magazine, not only does our T4 model make an appearance it is the...

Social Media Launch

Post by  Lauren Martin Sep 01, 2016

We have launched our own Facebook and Twitter sites! Stay up to date with all news from Oneadaptr UK, give them both a follow to stay in the know of new arrivals, offers and opportunities!      

Review- Outdoors Magic

Post by  Lauren Martin Aug 22, 2016

"One super-saver way to lose about 150 grams for £30 is to invest in a universal travel charger, like this excellent model from One Adapter."  Outdoors magic have reviewed our T4 model included in the Ultimate Mountain Kitlist they highlighted how charging a macbook, 4...

Review- Amateur Photographer

Post by  Lauren Martin Aug 10, 2016

"I tested the device when I was abroad for over a week and found it a godsend"  Photographers look out!! Amateur Photographer reviewed our T4 model and were astounded by its charging capabilities. Click here to see the full review.    

Review: BOAT International

Post by  Lauren Martin Jul 29, 2016

"The genius designers behind the brand's Twist range have created a clever compact adapter"  The team over at boat international have reviewed the TWIST+ World Adapter and were very pleased, read all of what they had to say here

Review: The Grommet

Post by  Lauren Martin Jul 26, 2016

"This adapter lets you travel a little smarter and a little lighter—charge around the world with a TWIST"Less than two weeks away, what better product to take away to the Olympics than the TWIST Duo or TWIST Duo+. You'll never miss a moment and get to relive...