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TWIST World Adaptor DUO
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Have the ultimate travelling accessory when purchasing the TWIST World Adapter. Its unique twist, lock and release mechanism makes it ideal to take away working in over 150 countries. Allowing 3 devices to be simultaneously charging or powered by two smart USB ports with a total of 3.4A or a universal AC power outlet. Its neat and condensed design makes it perfect for travelling eliminating all unnecessary wires and additional adapters making it your ideal travel companion. The oneadaptr TWIST simplifies your life like you have never imagined. Features Built-In 3.4A / 17W High Power USB Charger All-In-One One Piece Design New Twist & Release Mechanism Universal AC Power Outlet Worldwide Compatibility In Over 150 Countries Built-In Fuse Protection Light & Compact, Ultimate Travel Companion OUT OF STOCK!
Flip DUO
The British plug has always been bulky and limited to the one basic function of powering one device. Oneadaptr have taken the British plug on a diet! Taking it down to just 18mm thick, a slimline and modern design has made this easily portable plug the ideal charging device for anyone looking to charge via USB on the go. The simple push release mechanism opens the flip exposing the 3 pin UK plug ready to charge two devices with its 2 ports totaling 3.4A. This can then be easily folded back down retracting the pins completely avoiding any damage being made to other appliances. Emphasising its very compact size, the smallest of the range make the DUO the perfect accessory to carry around for charging convenience. Features: Dual USB Chargers Max 3.4A High Output Auto Release 18mm Thin Protective Covers Keep Metal Pins from Damaging Other Devices
TWIST+ World Charging Station
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Be an airport hero! Plug in your MacBook and up to 4 other devices almost anywhere using our TWIST+ MacBook World Charging Station with 4 USB ports. This adapter has worldwide compatibility in over 150 countries, making it the perfect travel companion. It also features a 4.0A / 20W high-power USB charger, and 4 smart USB ports, so you can power and charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. We have designed it to work seamlessly with the 12W, 45W, 65W, and 85W Apple MagSafe and MagSafe 2 Power Adapters. This adapter also offers an sleek all-in-one design that makes it a joy to handle and a simple twist & release mechanism for easy AC Plug selection. Your ultimate tech charger, available now in white or yellow! Features Worldwide compatibility in over 150 countries 4.0A / 20W high-power USB charging station 4 USB charging ports Designed to work with a wide...