TWIST World Adaptor DUO

Have the ultimate travelling accessory when purchasing the TWIST World Adapter. Its unique twist, lock and release mechanism makes it ideal to take away working in over 150 countries. Allowing 3 devices to be simultaneously charging or powered by two smart USB ports with a total of 3.4A or a universal AC power outlet. Its neat and condensed design makes it perfect for travelling eliminating all unnecessary wires and additional adapters making it your ideal travel companion.

The oneadaptr TWIST simplifies your life like you have never imagined.


  • Built-In 3.4A / 17W High Power USB Charger
  • All-In-One One Piece Design
  • New Twist & Release Mechanism
  • Universal AC Power Outlet
  • Worldwide Compatibility In Over 150 Countries
  • Built-In Fuse Protection
  • Light & Compact, Ultimate Travel Companion